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Web Development

We develop custom websites that are dynamic, secure, efficient in both time and storage.We maintain our framework that enables a quick response to any change in the requirements. We develop both front and back end with the latest technologies available in the community.

Desktop Development

We offer building desktop application that maintains data and perform reports. we build system that can interface with devices such as finger-sign devices. We build systems that can deal with files, images, videos and perform special analysis and reporting.

Mobile Development

We build apps with two paradigms either a cross-platform web-based or building using native languages. The second paradigm is offered for an app that requires a heavily access to mobile hardware or a very light apps with custom requirements.

AI Library Development

We maintain an open source library that contains state-of-art methods for different AI-tasks. These methods are developed to be available for integration with any App. Such methods are detect human faces, track objects visually, auto-scheduling, plan to do certain task. We also use AI to optimize our code and increases its reliability.


Who we are?

We are an innovative software development company founded by a team of thinkers, programmers and make-it-happeners, specialized in the development and customization of enterprise-level solutions, advanced web, desktop and mobile apps that will transform the way you do business.

We work diligently with our clients, understand and analyze their needs and business requirements, share the real time status of the project with them, which help us to develop and deliver unique solutions to meet our clients’ needs on time with cost effectiveness.


Your business has problems and challenges and we have the strategies to solve them in a smart and unique way.

We Build with Intelligence

We build systems that are less cluttered, automated, rapid and efficient.

We use state-of-art methods that can make the solution unique and smart. We maintain an open-source library that accomplish variety of Artificial intelligence tasks.

Result-Driven Software

We understand that building custom software requires more than just having deep technical skills, it needs to have a thoughtful, unique, and smart way to ensure that the solution developed result in better revenue opportunities, customer loyalty and cost effectiveness. We help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Simplicity is Everything to us

No matter how complicated requirements and actions needed, our solutions are easy-to-use.

It is part of our philosophy to deliver simple, intuitive and reliable software.

Highly Talented Staff

Whether you need to build a customer software, desktop, web or mobile app, our team have the capability to build your vision into reality and solve your challenges. Our team members are talented, passionate and always striving to be up-to date through research and continuous earning. Shortly, we love what we do.


Leveraging Technology Solutions to Solve Industry-Specific Business Challenges


Industries We Work For

uniparticle strives to provide unique, creative and cost-effective software solutions to organizations of every type from startups, small businesses, and medium enterprises to large corporation irrespective of their industry.

Real Estate

Social Networking

E-commerce & Retail

Health Care

Media & Entertainment

Banking & Insurance

Transport & Logistics

Food & Restaurants

Education & Training

Regardless of your company size or market sector, we turn your ideas into reality and help you grow your business.


Educational Products


Customized Communication and Management System


The First Education Portal in Egypt

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