25 Dec 2023 | 6 mins read

11 Tips To Hire The Best Software Development Company For Your Business

Finding the best software development company out there can be scary.

Have you tried googling “Software Company in Cairo”?

If you did, you’d find yourself scrolling through 100s of companies with no clear indicator of which one you should contract to develop your website or app.

In this blog, we will share with you the things you should look for in the software company you are considering.

Based on this checklist, you can decide whether they are a good fit for your business or if you should keep looking for the right one.

Let's get into it:

1- No Fixed Packages:

We all love seeing straightforward price tags on things we want to buy. Yet, when it comes to service-based, B2B companies, having a set price could be a major red flag.

There is nothing wrong with service packages but it goes deeper than that.

A set package reflects a “one-size-fits-all” mentality regardless of your business's individual needs. An experienced software house will NOT give you a price by the end of your first or even second meeting. There is a lot of research that goes into estimating the cost of the services they will offer you. That's why they are more likely to provide you with a price range with a clear breakdown of the provided benefits and the allocated resourcs.

2- Portfolio and Tapped-into-Industries:

When hiring a software company to develop your website, mobile or web application, or system, pay attention to their portfolio.

It sounds like an obvious tip but there’s more to it than meets the eye. A large portfolio full of big names is a good start. Yet, it might not be in your best interest to select a technical partner who has never interacted with your industry before. If they haven't, they should compensate for the lack of experience in your field with extensive research and testing. Otherwise, a company of a smaller scale with previous industry-related expertise can be better for your end-users.

3- Experienced Team:

A good team makes or breaks any business. Don’t be deceived by the flashy certificates and the fancy titles. A good software company has a diverse, yet coherent, team that works in harmony to provide high-quality outputs. Besides, company culture often plays a significant role in the success of any partnership. A software company with a team sharing the same values that are aligned with your own can be your partner to success.

4- Technologies Used:

There can be many paths to the same destination. That is why when hiring a software company, it is critical to be extra specific about your desired outcome. This is especially the case if you lack the technical knowledge yourself. That way, your software company can guide you through the endless technologies available nowadays. 

Based on your business objectives and target audience, the right software company will recommend many solutions, with their pros and cons, to achieve the same goals. They will also be better equipped to allocate your resources according to your business needs.

5- Execution Process:

“Accio App!”

If only it was that simple. While it may seem like magic, how lines of code turn into a functioning app, there is an intricate process behind it. A professional software house won’t keep you in the dark. Instead, they will share milestones and constant updates with you and eagerly wait for your feedback. 

An open communication channel is a sign of hassle-free future interactions. Even if you don’t come from a technical background, truly skilled team leads can walk you through the development process without confusing you with vague jargon and whatnot.

6- Contracts and Documentation:

Speaking of clear communication, don’t be intimidated by lengthy contracts. A professional software company will have elaborate contracts and Software Requirements Specification (SRS) documents. They will also provide the necessary paperwork that guarantees they deliver exactly what they promise.

Paperwork can be digital so don’t worry about the trees. The purpose of paperwork is not to overwhelm you or make the process more complicated than it already is. Documentation should be your safety net, not your dreaded shackles.

7- Previous Client Reviews:

Nothing speaks louder than client testimonials. While the satisfaction of management is critical for the success of a project, keep in mind that the product/ service in the software industry is created to be used. User feedback can also guide you on your quest to choose a software house that is user-oriented and designs products that prioritize functionality. Do check the reviews of their clients to gain more insights into their customer satisfaction rate but remember: users don’t lie.

8- Long Term Relationship:
If you think that the business relationship ends when your app or website is up and running, think again. A software house is supposed to be your technical arm. Their involvement may vary according to the company size and the array of services they offer. Some may join you as early as the ideation stage of your product/ service, while others may only stick to the execution phase. Some will pay attention to how the infrastructure of your software can be flexible with regard to future expansions, while others may build on an already existing foundation. When selecting the best fit for your business, a company that offers support pre, during, and post-production means better chances of fast-paced progress and innovation.

9- Business Development:
After covering the basics, let’s discuss the extra credit points a software company can earn to make you select them without thinking twice. Having experience in business development, business consulting, or in the tech startup ecosystem, in general, is a noteworthy plus. Not every software company will be able to guide you when you face a hitch in your business model. An experienced software company will incorporate market research and competitor analysis in its product development strategy.
A software company that can see beyond the present and can propose never-been-done-before solutions may be the perfect partner to take your tech solutions to new heights and put you ahead of your competition.

10 - Design Department:

This might not be the first thing you consider when hiring a software company because it seems like an internal matter but you will not believe how many mobile and web applications are forgotten due to their poor design. By design department, we don’t mean the number of personnel in the department, but the attention to both the functionality as well as the aesthetics in every product. An app that is user-friendly and easy on the eyes is already on its way to being successful. Skilled UI/UX designers will not only support your branding and marketing efforts but will make your users spend less time trying to figure out how to use your app and more time actually using it.

11- Extra Services: 

The phrase “one-stop-shop” has been overused in the past couple of years. That does not mean companies like these are unicorns that only exist in business heaven. Some one-stop-shop software houses offer stellar services. Finding a company like that will be a game-changer to your business because it will save you the hassle of going through the selection process every time you need another product or service.

These are our tips for hiring a good software company.

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