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Igniting Innovation: Puzzled Beginners to Coding Champions


Developing new experience for competition in use of Discovery Education coding platform.

Learning to code for beginners can feel sometimes like a cryptic puzzle. With unclear instructions, and a lack of practical applications, the coding platform may leave many students discouraged or frustrated by making errors. what if there is a portal that can transform coding into an engaging journey and a thrilling challenge.


We believe in providing an interactive and dynamic learning environment where students can actively participate and grow their skills.

That's the exciting vision we collaboratively pursued with KSA Ministry of Education and Discovery Education, the award-winning global leader in digital content, through our NCC, the revolutionary national coding competition portal.


Designed for

Discovery Education a global and giant educational publisher.

Our client “a global and giant educational publishers over the world” tailors the content based on 10 - 20 - 70 model, which is 10% formal, 20% Social learning and 70% , hence a lot of features should be provided to the users to fullfit each learning component. 



Wondering about the impact!! Only during the pilot phase

  • lessons rolled out to over 50 schools.
  • Over 17,000 students took part.
  • Over 40,000 apps were created.
  • Over 1 million minutes of learning.

This wasn't just a competition; it was a catalyst for change. We transformed the perception of coding from a cryptic puzzle to an engaging journey filled with joy, achievements and celebrations.


Students Registered (KSA, China, UK)


Challenges Submissions

4 Runs

Competition run in KSA, China, UK and US


Block Coding Platform is an educational platform that teaches student how to solve problem using coding elements in an interactive way.

Unparticle has packed NCC portal with:

  • Structured Learning pathways: A structured path that guide students into a progressive learn stages of learn, code, share.
  • Seamless integration: Access engaging Discovery Education lessons and create innovative apps and upload them back to the portal.
  • Interactive assessment system. An interactive assessment system that goes beyond just right or wrong. When coders answer incorrectly, they receive clear and helpful feedback that points them towards relevant lessons designed to fill their knowledge gaps. This assessment system helps coders actively learn from their mistakes, solidify their understanding, and move forward with confidence.
  • Expert feedback: Judges evaluate projects using established rubrics, ensuring fair and valuable insights.

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