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Wide range of high ended products in fruits, diaries, poultry, deli, olives and much more.

Mafaza is a well known brand name in food and beverage, it offers a wide range of high ended products in fruits, diaries, poultry, deli, olives and much more. Mafaza used to distribute such products in a wide range of mega hyper markets and due to digitization of everything in this industry, Mafaza stakeholders decided to create a channels for their customers to sell their products directly and stablish dark stores in different region in country to deliver the orders 


You may think the idea is simple to create an e-commerce platform “mobile and web “ to serve and fullfit the need.

That is right but Uniparticle decides to give it another layer of innovation by to adding a recipes like a category which helps customers to easily buy products components and follow the steps of creating the dishes. Actually this is to differentiate Mafaza brands away from others who follow the traditional approaches to sell their products, specially they have a wide range of products that can make a tasty dishes. Additionally, We merged the team of design to the team of animation, again to add extraordinary user experience to since user logs in to receive their orders. 

Designed for

Mafaza one of Hegazy Group brands

Established in 1981, HG Group initially focused business operations in the Egyptian poultry industry as a prominent grower of broiler hens. HG Group further expanded within the market, capturing unmet needs and thereby supplying the market with high quality and reliable supplies including feeds, day-old chicks (parent stock, commercial layer, and commercial broiler), veterinarian medicine, hatcheries, farm equipment, and much more


Tailored product that serves Mafaza online shopping experience.

Mafaza received our tailored product that serves their dark stores based on user locations, serve delivery drivers, content and operation and of course the clients. The dark stores started to be established in different regions of the country, starting in a small city near to Country's capital. Numbers and feedback still on progress to be collected. 

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